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The Funion Family Cookbook

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This stunning cookbook is filled with delicious Vegetarian recipes, many of which are gluten-free! Order it today!

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Gluten-Free Living

The Tentcher household has been living Gluten-free for over 25 years, and we’ve learned that it’s easy if you approach it with light hearted and effective action. More recently, we are happy to report that we are now able to eat some gluten due to Nancy (Tim’s wife) recovering from Candida.

Just what is gluten and where is it found?

Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, gliadin and glutenin, and it’s a major component of wheat and rye flour, the thing that imparts that characteristic stretchiness to dough made from these flours.

Gluten comes from the Latin word for glue

The use of the word Gluten to describe the sticky component of dough was established by the middle of the nineteenth century. Mrs. Isabella Beeton, in her famous Book of Household Management (this girl knew how to have fun with food!), observed that when flour and water were mixed and kneaded, an elastic dough was produced which was best using wheat flour, less satisfactory with rye flour, and inadequate with barley, maize (corn), oats, or rice. She must have had fun in her sticky mess.

Why go Gluten-free?

Our customers have lots of reasons for going Gluten-free. Some have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease caused by an interaction between gluten and immune, genetic and environmental factors. Other people have figured out through trial and error that they have Celiac disease, but are unwilling to go through the agony of eating wheat for two weeks to get a diagnosis.

Still other people have a wheat intolerance, the result of a digestive or metabolic disorder.

For a list of foods that are Gluten-Free, that may contain gluten, and that do contain gluten, check out the Gluten-Free Food Table.

For a list of resources for those with gluten-related health concerns, check out our Gluten-Free Diet Resources.