Funion Family Cookbook

The Funion Family Cookbook

What a Wonderful World CookbookWhat a Wonderful World

This stunning cookbook is filled with delicious Vegetarian recipes, many of which are gluten-free! Order it today!

the Back Story

We've travelled the world in search of flavour!Crossing Cultures Cuisine grew out of necessity. Eating “on the road” is not an easy task when you are a gluten-free vegetarian. As many of you know, finding delicious and easy-to-prepare gluten-free vegetarian meals can be challenging. So we packaged our own food and created our own taste adventure!

But as we travelled the world, we learned that a Gluten-free Vegetarian Diet is the norm in many cultures! So we brought the flavours of the world home with us, and now we're sharing them with you in a Vegetarian Cookbook!

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