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Funion Family Cookbook

The Funion Family Cookbook

What a Wonderful World CookbookWhat a Wonderful World

This stunning cookbook is filled with delicious Vegetarian recipes, many of which are gluten-free! Order it today!

What a Wonderful World Craft Cafe

Tim Tencher - Crossing Culture Cuisine

Tentcher Adventure Talks

Cooking with Tim - Live!

More about Tim!

Tim Tentcher is a Guelph Ontario based food historian and self-proclaimed “globe roaming gypsy monk.” But he has been a counselling and coaching professional for 25 years, a Psychiatric Practitioner, CSW, RPN, and Cognitive Counsellor with an Addiction Diploma. For 20 years, Tim was an integral member of an innovative team, focusing on dream coaching and counselling, at the Homewood Health Centre. Five years ago, he opened his own practice. Tim inaugurated a cognitive therapy group at Trellis Mental Health & Development Services, in Guelph, with Dr. Watt, then CEO of the Homewood Health Centre. He is a trained social worker from the University of Waterloo Rension College and addiction counsellor from MacMaster University.

Tim is also a wonderful Motivational Keynote Speaker, and is part of the Toronto speaker's circuit. Here, Tim is interviewed by Maribel Linfield for Grand River Living.

Watch, as he teaches you how to Have a Riot with Roti!


The beginning of the Tentcher Adventure

Tim and NancyOnce upon a time, Tim, a wayward monk, and Nancy, a lost cultural anthropologist, met by chance on the edge of a monastery wall. They had tea together and discovered that they share a love of Thai, Indian and Asian food. It was love at first meal and soon they were wed.

Soon they received a Ray of sunshine, their daughter Rachel. As Rachel’s sunbeam grew, Tim and Nancy’s longing for adventure was rekindled and off they went across the globe searching for adventure and the unique flavours of this wonderful world.

The Tentcher Adventure began with family canoe trips in the Northern Ontario bush. Before they knew it, they were canoeing down the Amazon in a wooden dugout with a 7 year old in tow. In between, they met Mexican Mayans, visited the Bribri Indians in Costa Rica, and travelled to Peru to learn firsthand about the Incas and Machu Picchu.

Tim and Rachel in front of the Taj MahalThe family’s goal was to learn firsthand about indigenous peoples. When Rachel was 9, the family experienced the mysteries of India, and played Rajasthan princess and prince at the Taj Mahal. As they returned from the Taj Mahal, Tim asked their cab driver to take them to his favourite haunt for dahl (an Indian lentil dish). When they told their Indian hostess how much they enjoyed the meal, she taught them her authentic method for its preparation. Tim recalled how, back in Canada, their hostess’ sister showed them an even easier way — using a crock pot! The Tentchers document the story of their journeys in the Vegetarian Cookbook What a Wonderful World.